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So moving to hear Krista's interview with Jean Vanier... I am a 54-year old woman and mom to a beautiful 24-year old daughter with Rett syndrome. Because of my daughter and the good fortunate misfortune of being downsized from a corporate position in 2003 I've had the blessing of spending considerable time in silence with my daughter and in meeting classmates of my daughter's and young children when I was called to a job with a moderate /severe classroom for seven years. The past decade I've dedicated myself and nearly all spare time to work toward increasing awareness of the intrinsic value of people who have various disabilities, especially in the rural area In which we live. The older I get, the more urgency I feel as my daughter's pure vulnerability concerns me, along with the vulnerability of many individuals I've come to know and love... while our son is committed to the long term care of his sister, I know that may be made fragile in the course of real life. My focus has always been on advocacy in a more legislative sense but, I sense that perhaps my advocacy should become more spiritually directed. I've learned not to put my trust in the world, so much. Thank you for this inspiring listening experience.