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Krista, I try to listen to your show as much as possible, you are a person I want in my life for your wit and wisdom and intimate ways in which you conduct your interviews - I would love to engage with you in a very long conversation, but who really has the time? You and your guests have wonderful things to share, to help people grow and evolve to make the world a better place. I suppose you are in my life already, haha, since I listen to your show.

I heard your show with Jean Vanier (Aug 25, 2013, Maine Public Broadcasting Network) and it came a right time for me, at this point in my life, as I am having a very hard time just getting by. You and M. Vanier inspired me today to a path I had (selfishly) declined earlier, and since tomorrow is Monday, that office will be open, and I shall pursue that path... it was the portion of today's show about having empathy for the disabled, the disfigured, that everyone wants and needs good human contact, even if that desire and need can't be communicated. (So do I have those same wants and needs, and I am alone in the world. Perhaps, by following this path, I will no longer be alone, thank you.) You changed my thought about this path, Krista, and you may relay to M. Vanier that at least one person was inspired to do as you both suggest.

Thank you for doing what you do, Krista, it's why I listen to your show :)

- Ron Rossignol