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It really fascinates me those concepts of meditation and reincarnation. Although these are not part of Catholic teaching but I think that learning these things can also help a person with regards to his personality . Asian religions really carry with them those "mystical" ideas about life and although justifications presented are refutable if we take it into the context of Christianity, the members of these religions like Christians are also certain of what they believe in. Also, in this broadcast Thupten Jinpa talked about his association with the Dalai Lama. For me, it is very fascinating to interact with the likes of the Dalai Lama that is considered holy in his religion. I think that there is something in him that makes people perceive as holy. As what Thupten said, he has this certain perception of the Dalai Lama because he considers the Dalai Lama "not just an individual person but a representation of the whole institution of the Dalai Lama who inherited all the wisdoms of the successive Dalai Lamas". Moreover, Thupten considers his association with the Dalai Lama as a very very powerful interaction. He pointed out that the Dalai Lama tries to "really reach everybody and there is a kind of deliberate simplification of the message".

I think that all leaders really possess certain similar characteristics such as charisma and this called "powerful presence". Most of all, leaders are good in communicating with people just like Jesus Christ if we are to take in the context of Christianity. Such characteristics are not really learned but inherent in them. We could say it is really their purpose in life. Another notable characteristic is how they would simplify complex things especially on concepts about life. They can present it in a common sense way yet if these were then to be applied one would still be confused. It really amazes me how religious leaders the likes of Dalai Lama can take in all knowledge and see light beyond those information.

Thank you for sharing this interview to the public.