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Ms. Tippett, I just wanted to comment on your interview with Thupten Jinpa and share a painting i was working on while listening to your show. As i was sitting in my office studio painting away, your show came on and i was delighted to hear you were doing this interview with the Dalai Lama's english interpreter. I never knew about him until this interview. On the part where you both were discussing meditation; i just smiled. I use painting as a form of meditation. it's something i really enjoy doing, and love being in the moment with..painting allows my ego to be itself on canvas. and while i was listening to the conversation..i knew i was in the right moment, doing the right thing with the intention of eventually sharing my work with those i love. I appreciate your interview with Thupten Jinpa, and look forward to hear many more of your interviews. the painting i was working on is one that had been in the works for quite sometime(and isn't really finished-the link will say it is, but it isn't.) i am donating it to a silent auction being held in Wilmington, NC for Hope from Helen foundation. It looks a little different now that i spent a little more time with it while listening to your show, but just wanted to share. Thank you once again!