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I felt the information on meditation was extremely cool. I have just begun to practice meditation myself and of course have been taught the Western way that meditation is just stilling the mind. This is hard enough in and of itself but to be able to meditate into a state of learning/gaining knowledge is astounding to me. I like the idea of using meditation as a way of integrating your knowledge into your personality to become a better person. It was also interesting to know that the Dalai Lama is invloved in the Mind and Life circles that reflect on meditation and it's physical effects as well as mental and emotional. The question of consciousness and how it relates to us on a physical level is an interesting and debatable topic.

I, too, was touched by the message of the Dalai Lama that because we expect acts of love and kindness we do not see them for what they are. Instead we pay attention to the acts of violence because it is shocking to us. It is not normal. It is easy then to become jaded and believe that we are a horrible species. In reality the vast majority of us are not and we need to remember this.I do not read the paper or watch the news. I was once that story in the papers and on the news. I feel blessed to be able to say that I still get shocked at how horrible people can be to one another. This means that I still believe in the basic goodness of us humans