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Even when I miss it, due to my aversion to violence, formulaically generated conflict, and television in general, I'm heartened more and more frequently by the demonstrations of shifting consciousness in the art of screen drama and entertainment.

I confess that, while I don't own a television set, I managed -- made it a point -- to watch each episode of ELI STONE, which had great meaning for me personally. I recognized that that show, like my own life, would not be for everyone. Yet, despite its flaws, and a certain surface slickness and flipness, I was inspired and nourished by all that was going on in, or-- dare I say it -- coming through the program, what was dancing between the words, themes and portrayals.

My gratitude that it lasted as long as it did (nearly two seasons) tempers my sadness and withdrawal in the wake of its cancellation, which, though lamentable, comes as little surprise. I will miss it, with an aching loving memory, as I will miss my dying father. Every thing has a life span, and leaves its blessings to be long savored and honored.

The fact that more and more intelligent, positve and thoughful transmissions like this are cresting above the surface of the pablum is very hopeful indeed, for all of us, whether we choose to watch them or not!