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I loved this story and I anticipate listening to the uncut version.

Both you and your guest made references to "Lost," "Battlestar Galactiga," and a few others. What surprised me was your lack of attention to the various incarnations of Gene Roddenberry's "Star Trek." While I like all the various series, my favorite is 'Star Trek - The Next Generation," and it was in this series, I think, that Gene Roddenberry's vision, his optimism, came through most clearly.

In one episode, Mark Twain questions Counselor Troi about this big star ship, which no doubt has weapons that can destroy entire cities. He goes on about the various species that work on this star ship, who, he perceives, are the few, the privileged, while the poor, he contends there is nothing left for them.

The counselor asks him, "Is that what you think? We've come a long way since the 20th century and we've left many things behind, among them, poverty, hopelessness, despair - those are things of the past."

It took some convincing, but finally Mr. Clemens relented, stating, "Well, I guess there are some things worth giving up cigars for, after all!"

I've always appreciated Gene Rodenberry's vision for the future, and it's my hope that we get at least part way there.