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Didn't anyone stop to think that today's show was about as vacuous as they come? The professor's comments had no depth. You could have introduced her, let her state her thesis that today's TV reflects the tenor of the times, and moved on to a more interesting topic. The comments about the unempowered Samantha and Jeannie were trite. The snippets from the TV shows: (i) demonstrated that scripted shows are reducing their pacing to that of soap operas -- I've seldom heard anyone say such obvious things so slowly -- and (ii) reinforced the recent BBC interview that highlighted how much serious thinking/worthwhile acting/involvement with others -- even fun -- that we all could achieve in the time we now spend on the isolating, one-way medium of televison.

As for the professor's comments about the types of shows now popular, she seems to ignore the fact that in TV, movies, etc., when a show becomes successful, it is immediately copied (almost invariably in a less expensive way) until the audience tires of the genre, format, etc. Often, shows don't refelct the spirit of the times, as much as they do reflect the ability to turn a quick buck.