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A few years ago, I was pondering the question of violence on TV / Video games and all the "there is no correlation" comments between crimes various programs / games. I was also pondering / recalling some other things...

A discussion with a holocaust survivor, for instance, wherein he described how the horrendous conditions in the camps quickly became "normal" -- he observed that people very quickly adapt to "normal".

I thought about how I learned what it meant to be "a man / whatever" == stories I was read / told / read myself / movies / plays ... TV.

The point being that in this day, TV and video games define "normal" for those who watch them -- particularly those who watch / play a lot.

Tell me, which view of the world would you prefer to define "normal" for your children: Leave it To Beaver / It's a Wonderful Life or Law and Order / South Park / Grand Theft Auto ?

That question is probably not even the most significant one -- what kind of "normal" activity is generally seen on TV? Seems to me we've done a wonderful job with the past 50 years worth of crime shows on TV in making lying, cheating, and stealing "normal", and studying hard and being honorable as "laughable".

Perhaps we need to teach our story creators the sacred duty they are undertaking and explain that they, in a very real sense, determine the future their children will be living in.