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Dear Krista, After reflecting on your program about new television serials and modern culture, I decided to try watching Battlestar Galactica. Having just finished season 4.5, I thank you for the recommendation. It was profound, compelling, spiritually provocative, and fulfilled my craving for deep narrative. Sadly, though, BG is now finished and I'm looking for a new show. Because I am an avid listener of your show, and now your voice often comes into my internal dialogue, I want to invite you to join me in looking again at Deadwood. Although, I don't rate Deadwood as highly as BG, DW is a very different glimpse of fallen humanity and spirit. On the special features disc of Season 1 (listed as Disc 6), creator David Milch has a featurette entitled "The new language of the old West." I do not like the rough language of the series, but I recommend this interview to you because frankly David Milch is a person I think you might find fascinating. He prays before beginning work each day and talks about the spirit entering the work. (He also addresses the device of language in building the DW scene). Just a thought.Peace in the new year, Amy M.