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As a latchkey kid raised by the small screen, Bill Cosby was in essence my dad and Michael J. Fox, my big brother. Thanks to this episode, I've identified with characters in the modern parables in Lost and the Wire. From 'Lost', I find Jack Sheppard and Hugo as my contemporaries trying to help others find their way through life. 'The Wire' hits home countless times with us as we're working with NFL players and college students to mentor at risk youth both behind bars and in foster care group homes. I talk with teens just like Bodie- lost in a game where there are no winners- and feel the very real presence of the Stringer Bell's and Avon Barksdale's of the world. Thanks NPR and Speaking of Faith for bridging that gap and introducing me to a whole new generation of characters that give me a reference and compass while a walk the new terrain of adulthood.