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I felt this interview deeply. I have a few comments:
1) I always listen to the extended interview. But this time afterwards, in order to hear the sounds of the whales and elephants, I also listed to the produced show. I was very upset that you edited three words out of Ms. Payne's dream, "I was naked." Why in the world you do such a thing? The only reason I can think of is whoever decided to consciously remove these three words, could not bare the sublime nature of the dream and had to (unconsciously) diminish its power. I was quite shocked by this cut.

2) RE: How the elephants become silent and just listen to one another. I had this experience with 3 horses once. For one year, I spent time with 3 Fjord horses. I would walk, brush and sing to them. One afternoon, I started singing Amazing Grace to one of the horses, my favorite matron 25 year old Caroline. The other two came over to us and the four of us stood in a tight circle, facing each other, for some time during the song and afterwards in silence. A very powerful moment in my life that I will never forget.