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Dear Krista, I continue to be deeply, or rather, profoundly moved to be able to hear the completed, integrated final show and hear the raw interview, raw in its humanity, integritity, and allowing me to close be there in your midst. I love even hearing the footsteps leaving the studio and sometime hearing the problems you are having with "dead air" as we just hang out in the silence as the equipment is repaired and readied. Raw means I am more woven into the sharing, the life, the beauty of two who share together in the quiet of the studio. And the guest feels "heard", someone who takes the time to know them, they open and soften into sharing their lives. My heart is full toinight here after midnight in southern california on the shoulder where the sea rubs up against, and I here in my kitchen cleaning up and preparing my meal, and writing to you... In gratitude. Cassandra