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Yes. I was walking down the street near USC in Los Angeles and saw a group of dogs pulling a "sled" on roller skate wheels, with an Alaskan indeginous person leading the pack for a car commercial. The dogs had thick white coats and almond-shaped, wide-spaced, small and slanted eyes, I remember them as blue/grey. I felt blessed to see them, the dogs, the driver and as I passed close to them on the side walk there was yelping and one looked straight into my eyes, and saw me, the "mind behind his eyes". I felt he saw me with all of his great past of ancestor wolves, the heritage of the wild, the wisdom of his heart of service and he knew me. And I was blessed there on the sunny-warm, busy street in L.A., students mostly from Asia pedaling by to class, and me on my way to a dental appt. Cassandra