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I have also been fascinated with animals and I always wanted to learn about them. I remember always reading the magazines (I don’t recall the name of the magazine) and watching the National Geography channel with my family. What I think is amazing is how they communicate with others and how different it is with human beings. For example, as Katy Payne says during her interview with Krista Tippett, whales communicate by what we calling singing. When human beings speak with each other, there’s no singing, at least that’s not what it sounds like to us. I wonder though, how do we sound like to animals? Animals are smart but may not be at the same level as us in certain things. My point is how do they think we sound like when we’re speaking with each other?
Katy Payne shared a story about a baby elephant dying. The calf was dying and was lying on the ground. Each elephant of the herd stopped by the dying calf to show remorse; even though they were not related to the calf. Katy also mentioned that a young adolescence male elephant was trying to pick up the dying calf with his trunks 57 times! And he came back 5 times to try to pick the calf up. As the broadcast goes on, they mentioned that it is also in our human nature when there is a need in help; we disregard the fact that we are related or not. I believe that is true because we show compassion towards others who are suffering, those who are hurt and those who are dying. For example, the shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary was a terrible tragedy that took the lives of the young children and brave adults. Even though we are not related to the families that lost their beautiful and innocent children and loved ones, we still show remorse and have sympathy for those families. To show support, we would attend the funerals (the people who are close by of course), attend vigils, send letters, etc… All in all, I think it is in all of our nature to help one another.
Lastly, I love how Katy talks about the communication between the whales and how it changes overtime. Can you imagine being sing to, whether it’s from your husband, wife or significant other? To me, I would find that a bit odd but only because it is not in our nature to communicate by singing. If it was natural to communicate by singing, it wouldn’t be considered weird. It would be like singing an opera, at least that’s how I see it.