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I have always loved animals and as an adult have collected my own herd of 6 cats and 1 horse. But the incident that struck me most occurred while observing a gorilla in an exhibit at Disney's animal park. The enclosure was open and you could see various individuals across the well hidden moat as you walked along the path, but in one area a was a glass wall you could look through. It must have been feeding time because a big silverback male came over carrying his 'cookies' and leafy greens. He sat down in front of the window facing us and watched what I call "The Human Show". As he munched on his lunch he watched the antics of the humans through the glass, the noisy bouncy children, the movement of people in and out of the area. As I was watching him he looked directly into my eyes and I felt a connection with him, his intelligence. It brought home to me that to be human isn't so different from some of our neighbors on this planet. I knew that animals had their own thoughts and feelings, but this was clear recognition of being from an animal so similar to me but so unfamiliar. I felt honored to have shared a moment in his life. I wonder if anyone else noticed the mind behind his eyes?