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Every time I have a stress in my life that influences my mind into glitch mode I seem to stumble into the perfect On Being to redirect that energy. I don't know what else to say that could speak on how much I love this show. Thank you Krista and everyone else who is a part of this. My personal wording for this mental/emotional behavior is swimming upstream and I believe it is a significant part of anxiety's fuel. When I am busy I think "how nice when I can do nothing" and when not busy I think "I wish I knew what to do right now". When challenged in an unexpected way, it's anger or frustration or, personally, defensiveness. All wastes of time, but also so human. I repeat a mantra to my nearly 2 year old daughter to "pay attention" and I hope it comes out with the power of millions of ways to pay attention. I rant! Thank you and keep up the amazing work you all do. It is very appreciated.