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I got nostalgic when Krista and Dr. B. were talking about how good news wouldn't be commercially viable and how nice it would be if "there were a channel that had all of the wonderful things in the news". "Somebody, some entrepreneur could do that", said Dr. B.
Well, someone did, nearly 30 years ago, Ted Turner. When I was a fledgling producer and on-camera reporter at TBS in the early '80's, I remember Ted wandering the halls ranting about how he was tired of all the bad news and bad people on the air and how "we should do a show about the good people" and call it "Nice People". Two months later the show was on the air. We traveled the country featuring funny, compassionate, giving people. We won multiple Emmy Awards and loved every minute of it. The show aired for about 5 years, then was replaced with something similar, again Ted's idea, "Good News". That show aired for another 7 years.
Today you can still find these types of stories at the end of the nightly network newscasts and on local TV news. I doubt you'll ever find an entire show dedicated to nice people and good news anymore, though...unless you count the occasional "Oprah" and "On Being".
I loved this interview with Dr. Boorstein and have already incorporated her "Sweetheart, you are in pain. Relax, take a breath..." into my life.
Many thanks for all you do and your fabulous show!