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There was so much wisdom and joy in this so I hope my little reflection on the group meditation doesn't sound silly...

Each year I try to run or cheer for the NYC marathon, I'll cheer whether I know someone running or not. I am often asked why, especially when trying to get others to join me in cheering for strangers.

Here's the thing. The NYC marathon has over 30,000 runners from literally all over the world, country, every age, religion, political stripe, etc. There are also over 1 million people who watch in NYC and over 10,000 volunteers. And no matter how many differences these people might have, for this one moment - or really hours - everyone has the same amazing hope, that each runner should finish and be healthy and strong. I feel like it is the most positive and largest, amazing thing to be part of in any small way. It makes me feel so hopeful for humanity.

Thank you for the insights as I work daily to be a better person, wife, mother, daughter, teacher, friend.