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As an artist who is male, I have done performance dressed in jeans, boots, army jacket and a balaclava helmet. I get the impression from some people reactions that they find me scary. Maybe its because they know its a man whos face they cant see, or my choice of clothes. Yet as an artist and a free individual who should be able to walk down the road here in England in any dress which covers at least my genitals it does make me wonder.
I could scare some people just walking through the town dressed as a clown! 
Is it them who shouldn't be scared or me who should dress more like those around me?
When in Rome do as the Romans do.
When in a nudist camp do as the nudists do.
When in a temple do as worshipers do.

Lets all just live and let live.
We can think good thoughts.
Speak good words.
Do good actions!

Brother P.G.Kimble