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HI Kanika. Myself Hareesh. Hope you will read this also. I am writing comment here because I find no other way to contact you. See its up to you to follow any religion. Because every where its the same god molded in different forms. No one can say their god is the powerful one others are less powerful because there exists only one. You remember story of blind guys describing an elephant. Its the same we describe about god. But the truth is its beyond description. I got to know tht you best friend jo jos conversation made you to think about the christianity about after life and all. What does it differ if u die as a christian or a muslim or a hindhu? After death as far as I know there is no religion at all every soul is taken care of according to the karma they hav gone through. According to me, its good to know about every relegion.We can see different perspective for a better understanding. You are a Hindhu and ur family members are orthodox too. But hav you ever try to understand what is the real concept of hindhuism. If not, try it. and as one of our great guru has said If you have lost faith in the religion even for a second then do not wait for even a second to get converted. Hope you will have a good future. God Bless You.