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Emily- I changed my faith from hinduism to an adventist christian in Gaziabad(U.P) last year in october. I along with my wife and 5 year old son was disowned by my parents, not only they did that they also published the reason of disowning in 2 national newspapers of india. I had to move out of the house and the area of gaziabad to escape pulic comments and public humiliation. I was tracked down by bajrang dal in kanpur and beaten by their extremist goons, they threatened to burn us alive if I do not convert back in hinduism again. Police in Kanpur(Fazal Ganz police station) refused to act upon our written complaint due to bajrang dal's name in the report. My wife's office was also tracked down by them, we spent lot of time hiding at different places just because I changed my faith. My pregnant wife had to go through the mental trauma and we were afraid of our life there. New Delhi is not what it is projected as very liberal and safe place in India. It is the most dangerous and unsafe place in india. Southern india is also not a safe place for christian due to their goverments anti- conversion rules which is often abused by these extremist group with the assistance of goverment elements. I had to move my pregnant wife, son to Illinois in U.S to escape another attack. We had to sacrifice everything including our established careers. But I'm not going back to hinduism again and accepted jesus as my saviour. It is my personal choice and it should have been respected in India which unfortunately was not. I love my country but extremist group like bajrang dal due to their alliance in politics do whatever they do on the streets in the name of religion and no one control them.