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Some may say its profoundly sad that "you" don't pray to a higher power! You contradicted yourself , you say you can relate to her story by being shunned for her beliefs yet you start your coment out by saying its sad that she prays to a higher power, then you go on my pushing your own beliefs by saying that medatation is a better way and gaining clarity of mind is far better , in other word. So tell me how is that any diffrent than what your family did to you and what's going on with this lady on this blog? I'm neither believer or a non believer in the divine so I'm not trying to insult you I'm just trying to show you another side. And forgive me for saying so but I don't think in your heart you are a atheist I think your family may have wronged you to a point were you wouldn't wanna believe what they do because maybe how they are or for what they have done to you so believing in the absence of god is your way of getting back at them . And I'm saying this because of type of feeling I got from reading your statement. Take care.