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Most loveliest religion is Hinduism.. all geniuses of highest order from various parts of world expressed saying that India is the only source for highest wisdom and philosophical values.. Hinduism has everything.. people leaving Hinduism are blindfolded and it is due to their Karma and no one can help it.. There is deviation from what is said by Bible, Purans, Bhagawat Gita, Koran and what is followed practically by humans.. Conversion to christianity is a big business involves lot of money and that is evident from those once penniless now most well known rich pastors.. Leave religion.. Indian has become so low esteemed is ready to do anything for money at any cost.. do the people use their minds before rejecting one and taking up the other? No.. they don't have any capacity to understand the real philosophy of Hinduism.. Like Kanika.. she is so no mature says that she does not like hindu practices and hence changed to Christianity.. sounds absurd.. All sages came and gone by leaving with us some philosophy, wisdom and taught us how to realize god.. People from various parts of the world irrespective of the path they are in or chose finally ends up in putting efforts to realize god... some see jesus, some see shirdi baba, saints, indian gods, some see god as Alla.. not a problem.. There is no need to conversion to any other religion when god realization is not a problem from whichever platform you chose.. If money is not involved then who will do conversion and none will get converted.. Poeple should understand that these converting predators are doing so for a luxurious life.. Many beggars today are wealthy pastors today.. Indian must change his attitude