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Kanika's dilemma is not rare, there are many Hindus like her who are ignorant about their religion and whenever they are confronted by people like Jo Jo who themselves have no knowledge about the religion they are maligning The kanikas get influenced by what they say and become so called believers. It is funny to say the least when two persons talk about a religion which they both know nothing about and conclude that it is no good, thereafter they compare it with christanity which one of them have limited knowledge about and decide to turn believer. It took Kanika no time to read the Bible wherein Jesus himself gets very little to say because more than 50% is about what St. Paul says who was not even an Apostle. Mathew Mark Luke and John contradict each other The genealogy of Jesus is confusing because he is supposed to be born of a Virgin but even that does not match between Mathew and Luke. I am sure Kanika has not even heard about "The Council of Nicea" and how the Bible was conceived and forced on people by Emperor Constantine. I advise her to do some research on the Bible and read The Bhagwad Gita which has all the answers to the questions put forth by Jo Jo then and only then decide on whatever path she wants to follow.