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It's a pity that instead of actually reading the Vedas and the Gita and getting to know Hinduism in its true scientific form she took the escape route and simply switched religions as if she were trying on clothes in a mall. The Vedas do not support idol worship, at all ; they ask us to worship elements of nature because they help sustain life BUT there is no emphasis on mindless rituals anywhere. All the rigid, meaningless rituals were practiced by humans which became custom with passage of time." What is right is not always popular and what is popular is not always right" I am a strong believer of Hinduism but only of the original form I and so many people i know never follow rituals they disagree with but we don't automatically dismiss Hinduism as regressive and redundant. Try to get to know the truth first instead os acting in haste. In Vedic times women had property rights, right to speak in public (which even the western countries granted only in 1900's to women), right to education, choose a profession, even undergo thread ceremonies (which is restricted to males now and even that ceremony is redundant with the disappearance of the gurukul system) , gandharva marriages were accepted and popular. Hinduism in its original, true form is progressive, scientific and says a lot about the soul. Its sad no one makes the effort to get to know it these days. Take it from a girl who has studied the Vedas in detail, get to know your religion before taking any drastic steps.