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In Sanathana Dharma: (Hinduism?)

After the soul sheds its gross body , it still has a subtle body if there is karma left (be it Good or Bad). As long as there is karma , the subtle body around the soul exists and because he has a level of surrender not yet full (still puts sense pleasure as priority) or no hint of surrender to God or is very attached to sensual pleasures the soul continues to have a material subtle body, and for this it has to take another birth in various bodies according to karma and consciousness that it had at the point of death (snakes, humans etc. ) . But the moment a soul surrenders himself Fully to God , Karma is nullified and on ending his existance on earth, the soul is liberated.

The type of liberation depends on the sadhana of the soul.
God according to vedas has three forms: impersonal absolute light - Brahmam, Paramatma - Supersoul who exists along with the smaller baby souls, Purusa uttama -- Bhagavan : if the soul worshipped the impersonal absolute, he would merge with brahmam (what buddhists may call brahma nirvana), if he worshipped paramatma or purusa uttama: the soul would be transferred to vaikunda (The Realm of God) to engage with and serve God in his native form as Purusa Uttama.

The former is a follower of Advaita vedanta in which all forms of gods found in Hinduism are but the one and the same Brahmam. T

The latter, is a follower of the Vishishadvaita, Dvaita or Acintya Beda Beda

If any soul believes he can go to God by a particular method, be it so.

But if a person forcefully converts another who is already on a rightful path to a path not suitable for him/her, that is probably the worst thing to do. I know Christians who follow sanatana dharma and worship God with the help of the Bible and sacred Vedas and related scriptures. Sanatana dharma is not about conversions. Sanatana dharma is ultimately about truth , if a person is really sincere , really surrendered and really loves God, the practices found in sanatana dharma would help him realise God in that very birth. But for this the soul must be total in surrender.

Be it Christianity , Islam , Pure sanatana dharma , the main thing is surrender to God , treating other souls with compassion, to be controlled in senses. Religions are just names.

Hari Hari.