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Funniest story I have ever read ! When someone asks about life after death, no other religion explains it as thoroughly and scientifically as Hinduism. What our Ms.Kanika has not done is, find what her true religion speaks about it before accepting what christianity says. Christians can brag only about the bible. But Hinduism has so many books, so many details, so many explanations which give precise reasoning for all our questions and more. Hinduism is the only religion which doesnt take anybody into its fold either forcefully or by brainwashing. In fact, the first thing that is taught in Hinduism is the freedom of choosing your way to reach God. I would encourage all the christians and Islam followers out there to first read about Hinduism and be blessed by the vast ocean of knowledge that it shares rather than being content with just a small lake. Hope Ms.Kanika does that and enlighten her fellow friends too.