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Its all dash dash dash.
any other religious believer can think whatever to other religions.Like she said "you arenot god or not my god" what if I say Christian god is of/for no one.
his place is devil.will you bear it..or wrath will come upon me..
I dare that.
so before making any jokes on other religions please be ready to tolerate on your too.
religion bears inner don't agitate it.
People used to worship Sun,trees and water before the religoins that were founded by persons like Jesus Moses and Muhammad ..
Sanatan Dharm was the only reason or Hindu religion is the only religion without any founder ..
Mind you, Dharm and Religion is two different belief syste,.You can consult dictionary..
And you will not find "Hindu " word anywhere in any books.It was given by some group of people in ancient times (by Mughals,muslims)
There are still people in urban areas even in American land or Australian land that worship fire ,water and sun...
so may it doesn't make any sense ..then it also doesn't make any sense going to church and bowing down to a cross,Jesus.
Hindus are always taught to live in peace and let live others..
We do not try to convert others but you all do.
Our religion is a free religion.Anyone are welcome and anyone can go.
Only our religion let its followers to say "Hindu muslim sikh isaai, sab milke hai bhai bhai" meaning - Hindu Moslem,Sikh and chrsitians ,all together are brothers
We even bow down to Jesus or Allah , we accept their existence as the Messengers but not GOD.
our religion do not stop us to wish you in Christmas and Muhammad day...but you other religious people do not dare, because you are taught in that way !!!
So live in peace not point how i worship and to whom ..and I will do the same...