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Hinduism is biocentric way of life not religion. And hence we pray animals, rivers, mountains etc bcoz hindus firmly believe earth is not only for humans. Those who dont know Hinduism ofyenly fall in trap of conversions bcoz hinduism is not a book oriented religion like christanity or islam. We hindus consider book oriented religion as sect which has prophet or jesus who spread good teaching.while hinduism covers all aspect of life it is most scientific religion if you try to understand otherwise like many westerners indentify as just curry caste cow!! This perspective we called as frog in small ponda. According to famous research in united states they said that 24% of american Christian practices yoga, read vedas and turn to vegetarian. Hinduism is not about just going temples praying snakes its more then that you ever imagine. Due to last 1200 years of foriegn invasion indian hindus lost what vedic culture was. Every basic invention of world which is base for modern invention found in hindu scriptures. We know earth is round and circles around sun before jesus was born. Jesus has taken teachings from Himalayan budha monk. And for your information buddhism is modified verson of Hinduism. We consider budhh as 9 th incarnation ofvishnu.