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Kanika should read books like "How I became a Hindu" by David Frawley, who himself was from a family of American priests. A man of curiosity and questions, he could not find satisfactory answer to any of his questions from Christianity. Later he ventured out to study different philosophies including Budhism, Sufism, Communism etc and found the answers in Vedas and Vedantha of Hinduism. Not only he became a Hindu, he started teaching Sanskrit and Vedas in US. Another read is "Hindu View of Christianity and Islam" by Ram Swarup. This book exposes some of the psychological tricks played by Evangelists. It shows the true status of both these Abrahamic faiths when they are validated against Hindu yogic wisdom. Kanika was not lucky to have access to learned Guru to guide her and teach her what those rituals mean and how they work at the meta-physical level