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Hinduism or properly known as Dharma in a nutshell believes in one God, who has taken Avatars - which is why you see Hindus worshiping those Avatars, who had taken human form for many different reasons which include: defeat evil or liberate people. The goal in life is to be a good devotee of god, do good Karmas and ultimately get Moksha (freedom from life & death birth cycle) - going to heaven as you call it. Dharma/Hindu scriptures offer insight on many different aspects which does not only include our lives but also different subjects (Math’s, Medicine, Engineering) things like how to preserve our planet, medicine (Ayurveda). If you get past the Avatars, and read the scriptures, you will be amazed, the offering is much much deeper than any other religion.

Christianity, for all due respect, has many ideas borrowed from Buddhism, along with many things from paganism (Christmas, Easter etc), Bells in church are introduced to them by Askoka (Hindu/dharma king from India), they continue on this path - borrowing Yoga from Hinduism - calling it Christian Yoga, tomorrow they will continue to borrow & digest thoughts, things, festivals from other religions and make it there own. We as individuals have to understand all religions, in depth to really appreciate them. As the saying goes, don’t judge the book by cover. May God open your eyes, some day you visit Hindu Mandir/Temple, do your own research, find a the right person or Guru to guide you to right direction.