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Jacob, we've received a wide range of opinions on Mr. Abramson's rendering. It just brings to light how incredibly difficult it is to graphically represent the Holocaust in such a way and not tread on the myriad perspectives. The choice of "notable" has ruffled a few feathers, and perhaps there are better choices.

We found it interesting, which is why we published it, and wanted to share with all of our readers. While I was trying to understand it from a scientific angle (e.g., why are all the concentration camps part of the rare earth series?), I've learned others look at it from a relationship perspective or a taxonomical point of view. This all makes for a sticky discussion, but one that's taking place here and on our Twitter account. We respect that you raised these objections and want to thank you for contributing to this discussion.

Oh, yes, we're big fans of Tablet online, but On Being is responsible for this post.