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I listen to Ms. Tippett every Sunday morning on WKSU (Kent, Ohio). As a teacher of physics, I especially enjoy her conversations with folks from scientific fields. But.

K.T.'s attempted colloquy with Mario Livio over the meaning of the word "God" was alternately amusing and embarrassing, especially given the backgrounds of the two participants.

Might I suggest that Krista have to hand Nishida Kitaro's handy and virtually unassailable definition whenever she discusses the G-word with guests whose affinities generally preclude supernatural deities. To wit: "We call the foundation of the universe God."

Obviously this makes instant room for, e.g., Einstein's "old one", dark energy, universal intelligence, and other such notions.

Further, there is no delineation between the physical "world" and that of "consciousness". Both are manifestations of the original energy substrate and gain their respective properties through accretion over time. Eventually particles, eventuall intelligence.

Years ago I sent you a copy of my memoir (Before I Go) which devoted a chapter entitled 'Ontolocon' to these ideas. Kitaro's quote was my epigram at its beginning.

Thanks for SoF. jim walker Massillon, Ohio