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Chris, I am glad you took the time to write this piece. I have questioned my faith in the last 12 months because of situations like this. I always loved to be a Christian because I had this idea of being part of a great community who can love and forgive (even people like Hitler and Kony). Like you said we are NOT God so who are we to judge others - even if they have done evil things like Kony. It's not our place and if we are truly honest all of us have sinned before - we have hurt others, we have lied, we have acted insane. Sadly I have not seen this very often in Christian communities.
I just don't understand why we are all so easy to judge and if we see someone down we love to step on them, instead of reaching out to help them up. I don't think there is any other race on this planet who is so evil as we humans.
I am not sure if I'll ever find my faith again but I am VERY grateful for people like Jason Russell I wish I would have the courage to speak out for others and to try to help. I don't see a shortcoming on his part - he put his heart and his life into this and the burden was just too much for him at the end. A decent human being that is what he is and I hope that some day I will have the same courage and decency to do something so outstanding as his "Kony movement".