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I understand everything that was addressed here. I know awareness is often a beginning. However, I don't think that most people watching the film will focus on that message. So, all in all, its just another 2 hours of violence that a lot of people will see and think is cool. As far as all of the comparisons...... friday night football, being in Iraq, Wallstreet, state sponsored gambling. Violence is a part of the human condition and often times a result of the testosterone in our bodies, and the pre-eminent effects of the amygdala (the two almond shaped mechanisms in our brains that control fight/flight.) So in essence, to say that all aggression is accompanied by malice, or to say that all violence is the same..... to not distinguish between the popular images in what our kids view and what happens as a part of being human is to miss a lot of important points. It is the gratuitous nature of violence in our leisure activities, left unexamined by most, that causes the breakdown in our treatment of each other. I vote no..... to seeing and endorsing this film and others like it.