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Hunger games reaches mass audiences because of marketing savvy.  It strikes this perpetual rise to the top mentality through all forms of selfishness (read individual survival) .  Our country was born and continues not solely on a focus toward the individual but on the principle of "e pluribus unum " -  out of many one)  on the great seal of the United States.  TO constantly depict the individual uber alles ( over all)  is to miss the more important message we succeed by uniting.  Tell me where are the movies that depict non violence  and the whole is greater than all its little parts. You cant tell the purpose of a watch by looking at all its parts. 

Perhaps also if the new Evangelical partnership for the common good and Steven D. Martin would turn their attention and unity toward movie making that promotes a few of the ten commandments, like thou should not kill, love thy neighbor as thyself, etc.  A much better learning experience than kill or be killed.