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Have been part of a 40+ yr-old Catholic community that has always been on the edge: 1st church-based homeless shelter in Minneapolis (now expanded to include multiple human services), active commitment to peace and social justice (often led by the now 80-yo nuns among us), and at our service in the school basement, women in leadership roles. Previous bishops looked the other way, seeing the greater good . Four years ago, however, new ultra-conservative archbishop installed his own hand-chosen priest, who came to us, challenged the roles of women and inclusion of GLBT folks. Bishop said we had to shape up. We balked. Women were fired. And the comunity marched out and now are settled in a former 1st Christ. church bldg.  Others have joined us and we are growing, new younger families. We are not unique. Many Catholics around the country have had it. And now we focus on what we believe - women as priests, inclusion, peace and social justice and the teaching life of Jesus - love, compassion, forgiveness, etc. 
I am very sure he was surrounded, taught, challenged, loved, encouraged by women as well as men.  Peace and power to women!