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"reformation"  is a misnomer because Islam does not need nor can "reform". Islam is perfect it's needs renewal not re-formation.

Many non-Muslims and some Muslims are highly ignorant of how Christianity changed because of Luther. Those changes can't take place in Islam for example the notion in Protestant Christianity that at any place,any where at any time, anyone can interpret the words their holy book in anyway they choose to can not happen in Islam. From an Islamic perspective that notion is pure ignorance! If you don't know Arabic,the grammar, the difference between general (amm) and  specific (khass) statement,etc you have no business trying interpret scripture. 

Moreover what is not stated in this article is that there is information presented by many that Abduh,Rida and Afghani were associated with freemasonry. You can't discount that all three of these "reformers" were associated with a organization that  promotes weird rituals and symbolism that opposes Islamic concepts.