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As an historical perspective I appreciate the information contained in this article, however I do have some serious reservations with its focus. I find it increasingly disturbing how so called intellectual writers completely by-pass classical scholars, most notably those of the earliest generations who traditionally represent the purest formulations of Islamic thought as it was envisioned by the Prophet Muhammad (Allaah's blessings and peace be upon him). The protestant ideal perhaps best informs current conditions in it's reaction against a stifled discourse and a crass-worldliness that had crept into religious circles and ruling classes. However, the radical rewriting of religion that this article seems to subtly imply is antithetical to the very foundations of al-Islaam. I would appreciate it if you would consult some of the premier scholars here in the west; especially those that are very capable of speaking in English. My recommendations would include Dr. Hatem AlHajj and Dr. Abullah Hakim Quick. I hope to see expanded, and deepened, coverage of the full range of ideas within the religion of al-Islaam -- not just the ones that are palatable to overly-sensitive western audiences.