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Amen and amen, Sarah Jean. Beautifully written. The mind and the eyes are the filter through which we recognize beauty, see through the garbage and clutter of the gutter, and set the lighting and focus of our inner camera. We will find what we seek. I love the city. I love having "city eyes". I live in a small community now, but miss the pulse and beauty, the beat and the excitement of the city of New York. We lived there in graduate school and I still long for it. But I love to look out my window and see hills, mountains, pines and wildlife. Still, the "wildlife" of the city has its own appeal. To see the world in a grain of sand...or a half-eaten sandwich...or in a fellow subway rider's relish where I am at the moment. That's it.  As Colonel Potter once said on the series M.A.S.H, "If you ain't where you are, you ain't nowhere."