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i always arrive at these postings a bit late...and for the record, on being, i get such a kick out of reading the i read down the entries, i have come to get a grin on my face when i see the name, 'godsbuster', faithfully planting his two cents in the mix. bravo for letting him tow the line for his 'side'.
have to say, this time i am baffled by his remark: 'Hiding, as Speaking of Faith ("On Being") always does in this type of article, behind that big dull-witted travelogue grin of first world entitled touristic voyeurism justified by cultural and moral relativism is neither intellectually honest nor socially responsible.'
first world entitled touristic voyerurism? um, i think its just that we ended up with the technology to see these things on our computers which is great because we cant all travel there. it is you, godsbuster, imposing the entitlement mentality. most of the readers here dont feel they are more entitled; they were simply born into a life that allows them access to the internet.
cultural and moral relativism is *exactly* why sharing these things with us is so important. it would be intellectually dishonest and socially irresponsible for the on being group to have this passion and ability and NOT do it.

i love the posts and i love the comments, all of them. many thanks