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Having grown up in and left the Mormon culture, I have been giving this a great deal of thought.  What ARE my feelings about Mormon culture vs Mormon theology?  I came to the understanding that they are essentially inseparable, for reasons that are too complex to go into here.  Some of the commenters have alluded to the truth of how Mormonism came to be, but left out some of the juicier bits.  The key thing, however, is that devout Mormons (which I find to be a relative term, with degrees and variations) tend to run their lives and their businesses the way the LDS church is run.  On an individual level they may be personable, but not flexible. 

I do not judge Mr Romney for his religion, but I am wary of his assumptions about how things work.  Both his public statements and the fall-out from his campaign are evidence that he truly does not grasp that doing things in a different way might be productive.  The stories about his investment firm and both his involvement and his "distance" are very much reminiscent of how Mormon culture operates.  It is the culture, not the theology, that those of us who choose to leave have to struggle with, both in redefining ourselves, and adjusting to a world that operates in a less rigidly structured, hierarchical way.  I don't think it matters much what Mormons believe, but I have seen enough of Mitt Romney to be leery of his capability to grasp the subleties and complexities of being President.