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Intuitive intelligence mighty with language and allied with the discursive mind: So very much "there" there. We need language, both written and spoken, that identifies itself unabashedly as metaphorical, figurative, evocative, and indicative of the transcendent, banishing (if only for a while) the dreary, scary literalism with which this era pelts us. This installment of "On Being" is abundant with the shimmerings of language that long ago hooked me on poetry in its diversity, depth, play, and deeper speaking. Most of us think of poetry (very briefly) from a Square One bounded by greeting-card verse, pop-song lyrics, labored rhymes, and schooled solemnity -- a starting point, but only that. I am grateful to have known poets and other writers who explore and present the deeper capabilities of language with a living voice. Their work is a lifeline. Thanks for the chance to grasp it again.