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If you have read, listened to, or watched "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," then you may be familiar with Vogon poetry. That's what I call my stuff. Nevertheless, it helps me to choose my words more carefully and boil an idea down to its essence. Here is an offering of my Vogon Poetry, regarding the observation of Martin Luther King's Birthday. I call it "MLK Day Holiday."

by bew!

On MLK Day holiday
My kids stay home with me
As off to work my wife must go
Much to her dismay
For only banks and schools and government
Observe this special day

MLK Day holiday
My neighbor does not understand
Or Lincoln, Washington or for that matter
Anyone not sainted by his church
Holidays should be for spirituality
He firmly does believe
For a concept or a great event
Christmas, Thanksgiving, or Veterans Day

MLK day holiday
A powerful concept it does represent
Of equality not just for folks of different hue
But rather for all within the red, white and blue
All genders, cultures, and beliefs
And status of socio-economics

MLK day holiday
Celebrates civil equality
That nourishes the cultural diversity
That helps to make the United States
a special place to live

MLK day holiday
Along with all birthday holidays
Washington, Lincoln, and dare I say
Blessed Jesus Christ
Are worthy of our observance
For exactly the same reason…
Of what that person represents

As with MLK day holiday
Isn’t in fact all of human history
Largely a history of its people,
And even more specifically
Those around whom others have rallied
To further a noble cause

MLK day holiday
Within has an enigma
As with the observance of all birthday holidays
Why not merely dedicate
To the concept, or even to the event
Rather than to a mere person?
To put it bluntly, I believe
Most people have too much trouble
Holding near and dear to their lonesome hearts
A simple abstract concept
People need something more easily perceived
Such as a person of flesh and blood.
Concreted with a name

MLK day Holiday
Dares us all to dream
Of something beyond our humdrum lives
And the contents of our essence
As with every great event
Inextricably bound with a great person
Who championed Herculean ideals
And devoted their whole life
To giving substance to an abstraction

MLK day holiday
Therefore, and by all means
Merits celebrating this great man’s birthday
Most appropriately

MLK day holiday
Prompts my personal musing
A I lay awake at night
In the wee hours of the morning
Shamed and haunted by my dreams
Arousing myself from my bed
I went to write down these very words
About my inner conflict
Taunted by the hazy faces
Of those whom I had called friend
And with whom I had lost touch
over many years
I could not even put the names
To some remembered faces
The prompters of my memories

On this MLK day holiday
Whenever I remember an honored name
Determines to remember as I tuck it away
As a treasure in my conscious mind.
Names never seemed important
Till this MLK day holiday
I learned that a name oft remembered
And linked with fond memories
As too with histories important men and women
imparts immortality
I vow to remember all the names
and treasure the memories
And not let the world to come between us