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I am a member of a small, mostly Quaker, worship group that meets in the mornings during the week with half an hour of worship followed by half an hour or something else. We had come to the end of ideas somehow for our second half. Sharing poems that meant something to you was suggested. I was not in favor of the idea; somehow I wanted something more "spiritual", or biblical. I could see others were very much in favor &mdash so we started.

I don't know how long we continued, maybe two months or so. It was so rich a time of sharing. Poems actually got us sharing in depth about ourselves and our experience in ways we don't usually.

Reading poems always reminds me of my father. He would read or recite poetry so often as bedtime preparation. I remember his fondness for T.S. Elliot and Auden and all sorts of other poets. He had a recording of Robert Frost, I remember. The poems sometimes made little sense to me but the sound of his voice reading them to me continues even when I read these poems and others today. I can hear him reading to me even contemporary poetry that he has never read. He shared his love of poetry with me before I had words even so that even before my daughter was conceived, I was reading poems to her.

I feel so enriched by poetry. Thanks for this program.