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Are we not of interest to each other? No doubt. In as many ways as there are moments, we are utterly bound by questions and curiosity.

Seeking understanding seems to take us deeper and deeper into the unfathomable with many misconceptions along the way. As meaning &mdash making beings, we seem to project meaning onto everything, including each other. Why? Why? Why we ask, expecting an answer. Then we manufacture, as assembling a picture puzzle, because! Because! Because! And so it is.

On some deep evolutionary level or innate knowing, have we given-up trying to understand each other with words and reason? Do we know that as an impossibility? If not, it would not be such a bad idea.

What if we accepted an idea that each person is mystery, an amalgam of blood and bones, thoughts and ideas, feelings, perhaps lifetimes of experiences all imbibed with the animating power of spirit? What if we stopped trying to understand what makes each one of us tick? What if we gazed upon each human life as miraculous mystery? What if, with a certain awe and wonder we celebrated shared moments of simply being together? We are known to each other in the fullness of space, the glyphs, between thought and meaning-making.