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Her story about testing the microphone with a poem is absolutely incredible in the way that the "audience" crowded around and applauded once she had finished speaking. In that single instance, we are able to see what poetry means to people and how it grabs their hearts and interests them, regardless of if they are familiar with the particular poem or not. At the same time, her story talking about receiving letters from people who are not poets, but simply other individuals who are impacted by the language of poetry and the symbolism that is associated with certain poems (i.e. "lettuce"). It also fascinates me how much we are able to learn about the poets themselves through their poetry and the way in which they use language to create an ambience and emotion that connects with a way that the poet might feel themselves. Elizabeth Alexander uses Lucille Clifton as an example and the stories in which she tells through her poetry, almost like Edgar Allan Poe's poetry gave readers an insight into his life as well. Wonderful interview!