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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Hello Krista,

My name is Seline Franklin. I'm writing you this brief letter to state that I published my first novel entitled the Neptune, in December 2010. The story was published via online. For your convenience, shown below is the address that can link you directly to the webpage address as well as provide you with a brief synopsis of the story:

Also, for your reading pleasure, I've provided you with one of the poems from the Neptune. The poem is entitled "The Cradle of Life."

Some folks say I'm pear shaped
Others say I'm elongated, and
Some Folks say my only purpose is to bear fruit.
Others say I'm a woman's spiritual connection to the
Some folks say I should be removed from the body once
I become diseased, and
Others say eradicate the disease but keep me!
Some folks say I'm worthless once I become middle aged,
Others say I'm the cradle of life for all ages!

In closing, if you'd like for me to provide you with an explanation as it relates to the poem as well as other poems displayed in the Neptune, please feel free to contact me at your convenience.

Best regards,

Seline Franklin

P.S. Love your show.