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if people are just curious about how other people (with differing worldviews) understand various issues than it would be possible to have such an exchange by asking genuine questions and making space for them to answer, but only if we recognize that there are genuine differences in opinion that are shaped by truly different basic (starting) assumptions which frame things in ways that there will be no necessary common grounds for the characteristics of what is being discussed.
These limits to reason giving, dialogue, are why we have and will always need political systems and hopefully democratic ones.
If your temperament is such that you can accept that such basic differences/perspectives are to be tolerated and not try and convert everyone than civil conversations can ensue, but if you believe that "deep" down we are all the same, or that if people could just be brought to see the Truth or be Reasonable like you are than all will be well with the world than please don't bother with setting up yet another such forum.